Expand your child's horizon.

Generation Christian Military Academy Enrollment

Generation Christian Military Academy prides itself on being a resource to families seeking a safe and structured environment for their child. Our faculty are devoted to working with  families to ensure the success of their children while expanding the opportunities to receive a balanced and competitive education. GCMA graduates will expand their professional horizon into technical trades and collegiate opportunities while embracing the biblical principles that guide a faithful life. Additionally graduates earn a qualified high-school education that is balanced with Christian values as they develop the maturity and self-discipline to succeed in life.

All families are welcome to schedule a visit to the school and an interview with the principal to be certain the school's philosophy is understood and the family is committed to working together to develop opportunity for their children.  The enrollment process has several steps that are designed to ensure a successful start to a more structured and biblical educational experience.


STEP 1: Read the Generation Christian Military Academy Parent/Student Handbook.

STEP 2: Complete all sections of the student application, and sign at the end. The following documents MUST accompany the application:

  1. A current medical form, completed by parent and physician, based on the section requirements. It must be a signed original of NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form, or update.
  2. An original of the child's official state issued birth certificate. (copies are not accepted)
  3. The new student application fee (see financial information)
  4. A copy of the student's report cards for the past two years for students entering grades 1-8. First graders will have only a report card from kindergarten. Students entering grades 9-12 must submit a copy of the report cards for the past three years or a copy of their high school transcript showing three years of grades.
  5. Attach the requested documents to the application and send it to the school office. Be sure that every section of the application has been completed. Incomplete applications will be returned for additional information before being processed.

STEP 3: After the application has been processed, parents will be notified of the date and time for the entrance test. All students 1st-12thgrade must pass the entrance test. PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS MUST ADHERE TO OUR SCHOOL'S DRESS CODE WHEN TAKING THE ENTRANCE TEST. You will be informed of the test results and your child's acceptance, conditional acceptance, or non-acceptance to GCMA within two business days.

STEP 4: The non-refundable registration fees and the registration form are due upon the applicant's acceptance or conditional acceptance to GCMA. Students are not officially enrolled, or reservations held until the registration form and the registration fee have been received.

STEP 5: A complete transcript of grades from the sending school, showing proof of high school credits where applicable, must be received by the school office before GCMA will allow the student to attend class.

STEP 6: Following acceptance or conditional acceptance, resource fees are due within 10 days or by the deadline given in the handbook. You are asked to help with this program of education in our Christian school. This program is available to those who desire such a school and are willing to stand behind our policies and statement of faith. Being a Christian school, we are not immune to the attacks of criticism and the strife that are sometimes stirred up by those who are not in agreement with our policies and standards. Therefore, you should READ ALL MATERIALS and sign the application as acknowledgment of your agreement. If you cannot help support and practice these policies, you are encouraged to look for a school whose policies and programs you can support. Generation Christian Military Academy is truly thankful for your cooperation and your prayers. Please pray for a great school year!